AIB: Auto Image Browser

4.0 ( 240 ratings )
Diensten Lifestyle
Developer: Ki Tat Chung
1.99 USD

AIB - Auto Image Browser gets you ONLY IMAGES with just one tap. The only iPhone Browser with image view in App store.

When you are browsing a web page on iPhone, there are too many information. Sometime you care about just the images, and you wanna view them all. AIB grabs all images for you and show them all in an image view.

AIB also provide you one tap to mobilize any web page with Google s mobilizer. This allows you to read any heavy web pages on-the-go with 3G or lower speed network connection.

"The most sexiest iPhone browser even! You will love it."

Auto Image Browser
- Image, Image and Image!
- Mobilize! Faster!
- Save Image! Better Image View!

** Image Only - Dont bother the ad, the text, and everything else.
** Mobilize heavy web page so it loads faster!
** Full Screen - Hide and show the toolbars
** Web Browser - Bookmarks, history, & normal browsing
** Portrait and Landscape Mode
** Save Image in the Image View by tapping the image
** Better Image View! Added shadow to the images

See the screenshots and you can get a better idea how Auto Image Browser works for you!